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MockUp Design

Making your business outstanding is a science. We take it (a) seriously and (b) creatively.

Sain: Simplifying Healthcare


Mobile App

Introducing "Sain," your all-in-one healthcare companion. Easily book doctor appointments, select hospitals, and track medications through our user-friendly app. Experience seamless healthcare management with Sain, making your health journey more accessible and efficient.

PGURUS: News & Analysis App


Mobile App

Discover Pgurus, your trusted news source. Access news through our app for a reliable and insightful information experience. Stay informed with Pgurus, your gateway to credible news.

Habitparty: Build Better Habits Together

Personal Growth

Self Improvement

iOS App

Habitparty helps you stay on top of your habits by creating friendly competitions. Competing with friends helps make hitting your goals fun! Simply invite friends with the send of a text. Use Habitparty to compete with your friends to develop better habits. Habits include: Biking, Dieting, Hydrating, Meditating, Reading, Running, Sleeping and Strength Training.

Sree Iyer - Books, Ebooks & Art


Website & Mobile App

Sree Iyer App–for buying his Books, E-books and rare, precision-crafted wood art

Discover the Sree Iyer app, your ultimate destination for purchasing his books, e-books, and exquisite, precision-crafted wooden art. Sree Iyer, a multifaceted personality, has not only established himself as an acclaimed author but also as a prolific inventor. With a collection of five non-fiction and five fiction books already published, he continues to work on captivating new projects that will soon grace the literary world.

BravoMe - Student & Teacher Recognition



BravoMe is a dynamic Student & Staff Recognition Application. It encourages active student participation in academics and co-curricular activities, fostering a culture of excellence through acknowledgment and rewards, creating an environment where achievement thrives.

Eat Better

Food Odering


Eat Better: Elevate your dining with a health-focused online delivery app. Enjoy chef-prepared, wholesome meals tailored to your preferences. Sustainable packaging and local partnerships for a conscious dining experience. Embrace a tastier, healthier you today.

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